Allow me to reintroduce myself …

So after umming and ahhing for a while I have finally decided to start my own blog, I’ve always enjoyed writing so a blog seems like the perfect thing for me to do.

For my first post I thought I’d tell you a little bit more about the person behind the keyboard…

My names Laurén and I’m a 21 year old Music and Theatre graduate. I live in the West Midlands, but want to move to London in the near future to begin a career within Music PR. I’ve loved music ever since I can remember and definitely want a career within the industry. PR is a very popular career choice, so gaining work experience is vital. I am currently interning at a company in Birmingham alongside working at a popular retail store, which means I’m busy 24/7 but I believe its worth putting in the effort to get the career I want.

I’ll be using this blog to write about whatever pops into my head really so expect posts on things like;

  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Make – up
  • Reviews

I’ll also be posting my youtube covers and original songs when I can get my equipment working again!

To finish off the post here’s a pic of moi 🙂


Thanks for reading 🙂

Bye for now! x

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