Thinking BIG

Like the majority of  University Graduates attempting to enter the big wide world, I quickly found out after leaving Uni that having a degree simply wasn’t enough. Gone are the days where the small minority of those with an undergraduate degree had the upper hand, as University has become the norm, graduates have had to find a way of having an advantage over their competitors and one of these ways is work experience.

This is where GoThinkBig comes in. Having recently celebrated its first birthday, GoThinkBig is the brainchild of O2 and Bauer Media who together have created a brilliant website offering young people like myself work experience opportunities and advice for the working world.

I’ve been using the site for around six months and have already experienced two great opportunities as a direct result. Firstly I attended the GoThinkBig Session in Manchester in September (another was also held in London), a conference style event where industry experts in Sport, Fashion, Media and Music gave informative and inspirational talks of how they came to be in their careers and offering advice to those wanting to go down the same path. The first part of the day was a question and answer session led by the head of GoThinkBig Tokunbo Ajasa – Oluwa where industry big wigs such as Paul Latham the UK President of Live Nation offered their views and advice. Next we separated into smaller groups to attend talks on a specific industry.  I attended the media and fashion talks, which were led by Victoria Clark, a Creative Solutions Arts Director for Bauer Media and Akua Agyemfra who is behind the marketing for Adidas.

This experience gave me the opportunity to meet with industry professionals that otherwise would be out of reach and allowed me to network with other like minded young people. The event was completely free and all it cost me was the train ticket to Manchester! Definitely worth it and I would recommend anyone looking for a career in any of these sectors to go along to the next session. I know for a fact I shall definitely be attending.

As I previously mentioned GoThinkBig also offer amazing work experience and internship opportunities, with well known names such as FHM, Kerrang, Grazia and O2 to name a but a few. A few weeks ago I completed a weeks work experience with the award winning PR agency Blue Rubicon which is based in London. After sending countless emails to PR agencies regarding work experience and receiving very little replies, I decided to apply for this opportunity on a whim. As Blue Rubicon is such an accomplished company I really didn’t expect to be successful,  but I always think if I don’t put myself out there for these opportunities then I’ll never know if I can do them or not.  Working at a professional PR agency allowed me to see how a business such as Blue Rubicon operates on a day to day basis, giving me a true insight into the industry I want to enter. It was an invaluable experience and I met a lot of interesting people and made a new friend along the way.

Unfortunately to get a ahead in a lot of industries it’s not necessarily WHAT you know but WHO you know, which can make things difficult if you are one of those people like myself just starting out in the business. GoThinkBig are giving young people access to amazing opportunities that otherwise may be out of reach to them and I personally think its great to see two large companies such as O2 and Bauer Media using their power to create opportunities for up and coming talent.  I seriously recommend visiting the site, even if at first you don’t find an opportunity suited to you, keep checking as they are always adding new ones. There are also great features on the site sharing advice for all kinds of situations you might find yourself in on the road to getting your dream career.

I think its been a brilliant first year for GoThinkBig and I wish them all the best in their second!

This is the link for the site if you want to take a look for yourself –

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