Chaos and Creation in The Backyard..

I’m in a writing mood tonight but was at a bit of a loss on what to actually write about so I clicked on the ‘inspire me’ button to see if it could stir up some inspiration. And lo and behold it did. But I guess you already figured that out otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post would I?

The inspiration given to me by the lovely folk at WordPress was ‘Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.’ So that’s what I’ve done. Well, sort of..

Chaos and Creation in The Backyard is a 2005 album from one of my favorite musical artists (mine and millions of others), Paul McCartney. I chose Chaos and Creativeness for the name of my blog as it holds several meanings to me.

Firstly it’s a pretty good two word description of my life. Like any 21 year old my life at times can be pretty chaotic. I’m currently juggling a part time job, an internship and starting a theatre company (more on that later), as well as attempting to have some sort of social life.  As for the creative side, I sing, write my own songs, started my own theatre company and am also pursuing a career within Music PR. So yeah I’d say ‘Chaos and Creativeness’ is a pretty apt description.

Secondly I am a HUGE Beatles and therefore Paul McCartney fan. Thanks to my Dad I was listening to Beatles songs before I was even out of the womb. As a child I definitely liked the Beatles but in a more passive way. You know like if ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ came on I’d sing along and enjoy listening but I didn’t independently just sit and listen to them of my own accord.  As I got older I began to listen to albums and explore songs on my own and then became a fan in my own write (the misspelling is intentional, Lennon fans will get it 😉 ).

The Beatles inadvertently taught me about musical harmonies. One day whilst listening to ‘The Word’ on the Rubber Soul album in the back of the car on my Walkman (remember them?), I had a musical epiphany when I realised that John and Paul were both singing the same words but with different notes. After listening a few times I decided to learn both of these parts when I got home and in turn began to learn the harmonies on other tracks. After a while I began to create my own harmonies whilst listening to songs. So although they don’t know it, The Beatles taught me to harmonize.

Since 2003 I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Paul McCartney 6 times in concert. The most memorable being in 2011 at the O2 in London where not only were we 12 rows from the front but we were also sat in the same row as Stella McCartney and the rest of the McCartney clan! I was in London recently on work experience the week Paul’s album ‘NEW’ came out and missed THREE opportunities to see him! Not only did I miss his impromptu Covent Garden gig and HMV signing, but he was also opposite my office in The Shard one lunch time doing an interview with Zane Lowe. Suffice to say I was pretty gutted. I have also seen Ringo Starr twice, once at the Capital of Culture gig in Liverpool and another time in Birmingham.

I could write all night on the subject of The Beatles so I’ll quit whilst I’m ahead. No doubt they’ll pop up in other posts on here! To finish off heres a few photos from the 2011 Paul gig.

Thanks for reading x

376436_10150408164851676_487405083_n 378418_10150408165451676_1169993677_n

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