Tis the season!


Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, working in retail over the Christmas period I’ve been busy 24/7! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  It was a bit strange this year as I usually get a good couple of weeks to myself when I’m on holiday from Uni but this year I’ve been working non stop so I haven’t really had chance to get that geared up for the big day!

This year my friends and I carried on our yearly Christmas Eve tradition of Pub Golf and with this came our yearly Christmas Day hangover. I received numerous snapchats yesterday morning of hungover friends who were regretting the night before! We always have a good night though and it was definitely worth feeling a little groggy Christmas morning. I had a lovely day yesterday and really couldn’t have asked for better presents, it seems that people have actually been paying attention to what I’ve been saying for the past couple of months. I had such a great day spending time with the ones I love 🙂

Me on Christmas Eve
My friend Lauren and I before the drinking began

This morning I had to get up extremely early (5:45am to be exact), as the shop where I work has a very popular Boxing Day sale and I was due to work at 6:30am. This was my first experience of an early Boxing Day sale and I must say I was shocked at how many people had gotten up that early to queue outside, I love a bargain but I don’t think I’m that dedicated! I was working on the tills and as I was constantly busy the time just seemed to rush by and before I knew it it was half 10 and I was clocking out. Im so happy I was put on an early shift so that I can enjoy the rest of my day and maybe check out some of the sales myself! I’ve got my birthday and Graduation Ball coming up so I need to get myself a couple of nice outfits, although I might save myself some of the hassle and do some shopping online.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is enjoying their time off!

Lauren xx

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