Sales Spree

So in my Boxing Day post I mentioned that I was thinking about braving the sales and a few hours after writing that I actually went to Birmingham to see what I could find. Having left it until later in the day the shops were no where near as busy as expected which was good as it meant I could go through all the sale rails without hoards of people clamoring to get the same item.

After going round the shops I came back with three items all from River Island, which is unusual for me as I never really purchase anything from there, but these items proved to be the exception.

I’ve been wanting to get a furry bomber style jacket for a while and couldn’t believe it when I saw this one reduced from £90 to £40! It was the only one left and when I saw it was a size 8 I knew I had to snap it up!


My next purchase was this black and white dress. Its not something I would usually go for but I thought I would give it a try and at only £12 reduced from £32 it was a bargain! I wasn’t able to try it on at the time as all the shops closed their changing rooms on Boxing day but after trying it on at home I really like it and it looks great paired with a chunky gold necklace and my black boots!


As I’m going to be attending a lot of business type events this year I was looking to purchase some clothes that would suit the occasion and I had my eye on this blazer when I saw it in the online sale reduced from £50 to £20 but after some umming and ahhing I left it too late and it sold out in my size (typical ay!). So when I saw this hanging in River Island in the Bullring and it was in my size I knew it was sign I had to buy it!


My final sales purchase was this pair of houndstooth court heels from Topshop. I saw these on Boxing Day but the only pair in my size looked a bit weathered so I didn’t get them. I went to Derby this Monday to see my friends and saw a pair in my size whilst browsing in Topshop, so decided to get them. They were £35 gone down to £18 so I saved £17!  I wouldn’t usually buy such an ‘out there’ pair of shoes but I my Graduation is on the 17th January and as I’m wearing a black dress and my cap and gown is also black, I thought I would  jazz (‘jazz’ haha) things up a bit!

shoes blog

Altogether everything came to £90, saving me a whopping £117! Did you guys get any good sales bargains?

Hope everyone had a brill New Year and I hope you all have a great 2014!



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