Finsbury Park

After months of waiting the day of the Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park finally arrived on 23rd May. After taking the early train to London and finding the Hotel we made our way down to Finsbury Park along with 40,000 other Arctic Monkey fans.

The weather had been less than desirable during the week but thankfully the weather managed to stay dry so I don’t need to put on my oh so flattering orange kagool.

The first band up were Royal Blood who are a two piece band from Brighton. In my opinion they were a great band to open the show with, they really got the crowd warmed up. I thought Mike Kerr the guitarist was excellent, I can only imagine how long he’s practiced for to get that good!

Next up was Miles Kane, a close friend of the Arctic Monkeys and someone who I have wanted to see live for a but have never had the chance. Miles really got the crowd going with songs like ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’, ‘Inhaler’ and ‘Better Than That’.

wpid-20140523_182959.jpg wpid-20140523_182628.jpg

The third and final support act were Tame Impala all the way from Australia,  I hadn’t listened to them a lot before the gig but I enjoyed their set even if it was a little more laid back than I think some people anticipated.

Finally at 9pm the band we came to see entered the stage to the riff of ‘Do I Wanna Know’ which instantly got the crowd going. Alex and the band were looking effortlessly cool as always as they played their way through most of AM with some classics such as BrianStorm, Cornerstone and Crying Lightning thrown in. One of my favorite moments was when Alex performed an acoustic version of  ‘A  Certain Romance’ from their first album. Having been a fan of the band since their early days this was a nice moment hearing an ‘old’ track at such a huge gig as Finsbury Park. It was great to hear my favourite tracks from AM played live, after playing my vinyl to absolute death these past few months!

wpid-20140523_210729.jpg wpid-20140523_214439.jpg wpid-20140523_210624.jpg

Finsbury Park was an amazing gig and one I’m going to remember for years to come! There’s no doubt in my mind that Arctic Monkeys are the biggest British band in the world and their only going to get bigger.

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