When I heard there was documentary film about Amy Winehouse being released I knew I had to see it. I’ve been a massive Amy fan for years and my Back to Black album has been played to within an inch of its life. I was lucky to see Amy perform at the N.I.A. in 2007. The concert didn’t get off to a great start as she arrived on stage 40 minutes late (it later emerged she had been to see her husband in prison earlier that day), but to be honest I forgot all about that as soon as she started singing.

Listening to Amy Winehouse sing was an absolute pleasure, her voice could take songs to places that you didn’t even know it could go. One of favorite vocals of Amy’s is this version of ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’, her voice gives me goosebumps every time I listen to this. Her vocal runs are just ridiculous.

I went to watch ‘Amy’ with my parents on Wednesday at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham, which is the UK’s oldest working cinema. It was the perfect setting to watch a film like this, there’s something about going to see it in a big multiplex cinema that wouldn’t feel quite right.

The film was created using candid film footage taken by family and friends throughout the years. From a young 14 year old Amy singing happy birthday to her friend to the infamous last gig in Belgrade.

I feel strange saying it was a “good film” considering the inevitable way it ended but after reading interviews and hearing clips from Amy’s family and friends I think this is the truest portrayal of Amy we will see on screen, because who better to show us the real Amy than Amy?

One of my favorite moments was when Amy is being awarded her Grammy, her face was full of awe when she saw Tony Bennett on the screen coming on to present the Song Of The Year award and looking at her Dad, “Dad that’s Tony Bennett!” For me this almost summed up Amy, just a girl from North London with a huge passion for music and a remarkable talent.

At times it was a difficult watch, especially when you see the footage of a clearly unwell Amy being constantly hounded by the press and being ridiculed in the media. This was someone who was very publicly dealing with her demons yet for some reason everyone thought she was ‘fair game’.

Whether you’re an Amy Winehouse fan or not i’d definitely recommend going to see this film. it shows the rise and fall of a musical icon and of course the incredible talent she possessed – which is something everyone can appreciate.