10 Random Facts About Me 

I thought with this post I’d tell you guys a few random facts about me. I’ve seen loads of other bloggers do this type of post so thought I’d give it a try 🙂 

  1. I’m an only child, and no I’m not spoiled or bratty. Well at least I hope not…
  2. I have over 30 first cousins as my Dad is 1 of 9
  3. I desperately want to visit New York and Paris and just America in general
  4. My mum is originally from Wales, making me half Welsh
  5. I’m addicted to coffee – Starbucks gold card holder and proud!
  6. My first pet was a hamster called Emma, named after Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls ( I was a cool child, I know)
  7. I studied joint honours Popular Music and Theatre Arts at the University of Derby
  8. I dont drive and have failed my test twice
  9. I LOVE mini pigs and hope to have my own one day which will either be called Piggy Smalls or Pork McCartney
  10. I’m a little bit obsessed, ok VERY obsessed with food. I’d be about 50 stone if I ate everything I wanted…

So there you have it 10 random facts about moi, the multi ‘cousined’ food obsesser who loves mini pigs! Until next time 🙂