How To Beat The Monday Morning Blues

First off huge apologies for my severe lack of posts in the past week, I’ve found myself having plans every day which has literally left me with no time to write any blog posts. ANYWAY I’m back now and I’ve decided to write about something we can all relate to – the Monday morning blues.

You know what it’s like you wake up Monday morning after a great weekend and that feeling of dread just hits you, it’s a whole 5 days until the weekend and you just feel a bit meeehh. So here’s 5 suggestions to make your Monday that little bit better..

1.Plan ahead

One of the big drawbacks of a Monday morning can be thinking of all the work you have waiting for you when you get into the office, but if you plan ahead on Friday and write yourself a to do list, you can see what you need to do and work out how you’re going to do it. Simples.

2. Coffee

Ahh coffee the wonderful drink of the gods (well apart from prosecco and fanta lemon), if you’re feeling tired and groggy then grab a cup of coffee, the caffeine will give your Monday morning a little extra oomph.  Just don’t have too many, you don’t want to be bouncing off the walls and then having a caffeine come down by 11am..

3. Get a good nights sleep

Pretty self explanatory this one guys, by making sure you get 7-9 hours of beauty sleep on a Sunday night you can wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on Monday like a pro. So put down your phone and stop refreshing Instagram for the 6th time whilst in bed and catch those zzzz’s, trust me you’ll thank yourself for it in the morning.

4. Wear your favorite outfit 

Did you know its been proven that wearing your favorite outfit can instantly boost your confidence and make you feel more positive? So dig out that outfit that makes you feel great and work it! Who knows you may even get a few cheeky compliments to boost your mood even more.

5. Make plans

Don’t leave all your plans until the weekend, yeah obviously its great to have stuff to look forward to at the end of the week but try and have something planned for Monday night. Whether it’s a catch up with friends, going to the gym or watching a few new episodes of Orange is The New Black on Netflix having something to look forward to can really give you that extra push you need.

Busy Busy Busy!

I wasn’t too sure what to write about for this post which is probably why I’ve left it a few days later than I should..

Life at the moment is pretty hectic, if I’m not working I’m at my Internship and vice versa. Today was my first FULL day off in a while so I haven’t really got an excuse not to post today, even if it has took me all day. Like most people I’m brilliant at procrastinating, if I had taken a degree in procrastination I most definitely would have gotten a first (well, when I got around to it). But yeah life is pretty hectic right now, which makes the weeks just seem to whizz on by. If I let myself, I think I could quite easily get carried along with the monotony of life and end up forgetting what it is I’m actually trying to achieve. Which is for those that don’t know, a career within Music PR.

Obviously I have my Internship which I’m enjoying and really getting a lot out of, but like all Internships it won’t last forever.  I am the sort of person that always needs to be looking for ways to progress and move forward to keep me motivated. This week I’ve been looking at a lot of PR related jobs and have found some really interested Grad Schemes down in London that I’m definitely interested in. I also found out this week that I have secured another work experience placement with a large company down in London in the New Year, which I shall be writing about nearer the time. Hopefully all this work I’m putting in at the moment will eventually pay off when I land my dream job.

Everywhere seems to be getting really Christmassy now. People are already coming into work buying their Christmas presents and Starbucks and Costa have introduced their Christmas drinks this week. I had caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks today and it was definitely worth the 400 plus calories. Another thing I love about this time of year is the Birmingham German Market which opens on the 14th November. I go there every year and its such a cute place to get wrapped up warm and walk around. There’s so many different stalls and I always end up eating loads as there’s so many things on offer. Obviously no visit to the German Market is complete without a pint of German beer which I thoroughly recommend!

A few weeks ago I won a pair of tickets to see Jake Bugg at the HMV Institute which I’m taking my friend Vickey too this Sunday night. Doors open at 7 and I finish work at 5, so I’m literally going to have to go home get dressed and run back out again, but it’ll be a good night! I’ll try and take some good pictures and will post my review of the gig at some point early next week.

Thanks for reading and I promise my next post will be more interesting..

This week hasn’t provided me with the best writing material but I have a lot of ideas for future posts up my sleeve!

Before I go here’s some photos for your viewing pleasure 🙂

My English breakfast treat on my day off..
Out for my friend Laurens 22nd birthday this weekend 🙂
    my calorific caramel hot chocolate

Thanks for reading 😀

Lauren x