Paul McCartney – Back In The UK

Paul McCartney Out There London 23rd May O2 Arena
After three years of absence (and me writing countless tweets about it), Paul McCartney has finally brought his ‘Out There’ tour over to the UK and somehow I managed to see him not once, but twice in the past week!

Paul McCartney Out There London 23rd May O2 Arena
Last Saturday myself and my parents went down to London to see Paul’s first UK show since 2012 at the O2 arena, which was an amazing night, combined with some nice sight seeing during the day. And then last Tuesday I got a message from a Uni friend saying that she had two free tickets to Paul’s Birmingham gig on Wednesday and would my Dad and I like them! I had to read the message about three times as I actually couldn’t believe that we were being given two FREE tickets to see Paul McCartney! I rang my Dad as soon as I go tout of work and asked him what he was doing tomorrow night, his said “well we’re going out to dinner to celebrate your new job aren’t we”, to which I replied “We’re not, we’re going to watch Paul McCartney instead!” To say my Dad was elated is a bit of an understatement and he said he wouldn’t quite believe it was true until he had the tickets in his hand.    Paul McCartney Out There 27th May Birmingham Barclaycard ArenaFor both gigs we had really great seats, London centre row just off the floor level and at Birmingham end row floor seats so we could scootch out into the aisle a little bit and have a clear as day view of the stage. The set list stayed the same for pretty much both concerts and included the hits that you expect to hear such as ‘Let It Be’, ‘BlackBird’ and ‘Yesterday’, as well as songs from The Beatles, Wings and Paul’s solo material. Interestingly Paul left ‘Yesterday’ until his very last encore which I’ve never seen him do before. His staging was also more elaborate than previous shows aswell, for example during BlackBird he was on a slowly raising platform which was a nice moment in the set. Two songs I’d been looking forward to was hearing live were ‘New’ and ‘Queenie Eye’ from his latest album also called ‘New’ and they didn’t disappoint.

You can find the rest of the set list here.


Paul McCartney Out There 23rd May London O2 Arena

On both occasions Paul performed 40 songs over 3 hours  which is quite unbelievable , I mean come on the man is 72 years of age!

At the London show Paul also got a couple of people to join him on stage. Firstly an American man who wanted Paul to sign his wife so she could have it made into a tattoo (very jealous) and then Dave Grohl joined him on stage to perform ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ which was a great surprise. Even though Dave Grohl is a legend in his own right you could see him looking at Paul like ‘Oh my god this is Paul McCartney!’

I really don’t know if I’ll get to see him live again as it’s took me 3 years this time, but at 8 Paul McCartney concerts at 23 years of age isn’t bad going and I’ll always have memories of seeing one of the greatest songwriters this countries ever produced and sharing those moments with my parents.

Did any of you guys get the chance to see Paul’s Out There tour, what did you think? 🙂

Paul McCartney Out There 27th May Birmingham Barclaycard Arena
My ‘slightly’ creased McCartney tour t shirt


Paul McCartney Out There 27th May Birmingham Barclaycard Arena
Loving life with my dad at the Birmingham show

Lightning Bolt

So Sunday night myself and my friend Vickey took a trip to Birmingham to see Jake Bugg. Things didn’t get off to a great start when we got to the venue where we thought the gig was and it was shut. After some quick googling we realised we were at the wrong place and luckily the O2 Academy was only a short walk away. As we were a bit late we managed to beat the queues and after finally managing to find our names on the Guestlist we were in.

After grabbing a beer (priced at £4.25 for a pint.. GULP), we made our way into the crowd just as the first support act came on stage. The Family Rain are a blues rock band from Bath made up of three brothers. Although they didn’t say an awful lot I enjoyed their set and their songs certainly had the audiences feet tapping. The band are signed to Mercury Records which is the same label as Jake Bugg and they are embarking on their second headline tour this month, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from them.

The next support act was an American duo called honeyhoney. Signed to Kiefer Sutherlands label ‘Ironworks Musics’, honeyhoney’s music is a combination of folk, blues, rock and pop. Suzanne Santo is the lead singer, playing both the banjo and violin, whilst Ben Jaffe  plays acoustic guitar and accompanies Suzanne’s vocals with harmonies. This band really impressed both Vickey and I. Suzannes jazzy voice sounds brilliant live and Bens accompanying harmonies really add to the tracks. It was hard to believe there’s only two people in the band at times, as they created such a full sound. I’ve been listening to honeyhoney quite a bit since Sunday and after looking at their Facebook fan page its clear to see they’ve gained a fair few fans across the pond whilst supporting Jake Bugg. They’ve got some really great tracks which I recommend you have a listen to, I haven’t been able to get their song Ohio out of my head since Sunday night.

Take a listen here..

Next up was the guy we all came to see.  Accompanied by his band on bass and drums, Jake Bugg delivered  a great show. As a lot of his stuff is on the slower side he did a great job keeping the audience engaged throughout. Songs such as Trouble Town, Two Fingers and I’ve Seen It All had all the crowd singing along. Jake has cited artists such as Donovan, Oasis and The Beatles as influences which you can definitely hear. The fingerpicking style used on a lot of tracks is very Donovan esque and a track from his new album (which I can’t remember the name of, please forgive..), had Oasis written all over it. A personal favourite of mine was Song About Love. Jake put a lot of emotion and passion into his performance of this song, which was acknowledged by the audience from the loud cheers he received when he finished.  People of all ages were in attendance, showing that Buggs music appeals to the masses. There’s a lot of hype around Jake Bugg and I think personally it’s very justified. Things are only going to get bigger for the boy from Nottingham..

Jake performing ‘Song About Love’ on Later with Jools Holland

To finish here’s a couple of pictures from the gig, sorry they’re not the greatest quality but I to use my zoom!


wpid-IMG_20131112_124237.jpgJake Buggs new album ‘Shangri La’ is out November 18th.

I do not own the copyright to these videos or songs. Copyright belongs to the artists honeyhoney and Jake Bugg.