How To Beat The Monday Morning Blues

First off huge apologies for my severe lack of posts in the past week, I’ve found myself having plans every day which has literally left me with no time to write any blog posts. ANYWAY I’m back now and I’ve decided to write about something we can all relate to – the Monday morning blues.

You know what it’s like you wake up Monday morning after a great weekend and that feeling of dread just hits you, it’s a whole 5 days until the weekend and you just feel a bit meeehh. So here’s 5 suggestions to make your Monday that little bit better..

1.Plan ahead

One of the big drawbacks of a Monday morning can be thinking of all the work you have waiting for you when you get into the office, but if you plan ahead on Friday and write yourself a to do list, you can see what you need to do and work out how you’re going to do it. Simples.

2. Coffee

Ahh coffee the wonderful drink of the gods (well apart from prosecco and fanta lemon), if you’re feeling tired and groggy then grab a cup of coffee, the caffeine will give your Monday morning a little extra oomph.  Just don’t have too many, you don’t want to be bouncing off the walls and then having a caffeine come down by 11am..

3. Get a good nights sleep

Pretty self explanatory this one guys, by making sure you get 7-9 hours of beauty sleep on a Sunday night you can wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on Monday like a pro. So put down your phone and stop refreshing Instagram for the 6th time whilst in bed and catch those zzzz’s, trust me you’ll thank yourself for it in the morning.

4. Wear your favorite outfit 

Did you know its been proven that wearing your favorite outfit can instantly boost your confidence and make you feel more positive? So dig out that outfit that makes you feel great and work it! Who knows you may even get a few cheeky compliments to boost your mood even more.

5. Make plans

Don’t leave all your plans until the weekend, yeah obviously its great to have stuff to look forward to at the end of the week but try and have something planned for Monday night. Whether it’s a catch up with friends, going to the gym or watching a few new episodes of Orange is The New Black on Netflix having something to look forward to can really give you that extra push you need.

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

This Saturday Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair came to Derby and being a lover of all things vintage I dragged along my lovely Mum along to have a browse with me.


The fair was held at the Assembly rooms in the city centre and seemed to prove very popular as the event was absolutely rammed. The clothes on sale ranged from 1940’s to the 90’s and it was great having  a rummage through the rails for a bargain! My Mum kept telling me how she regretted throwing away all her old stuff now as it seemed they were all back in fashion!

wpid-IMG_20140204_105810.jpg wpid-IMG_20140204_105656.jpg

As well as the stalls inside there was also a little cafe area set up selling slices of cake and cute little cupcakes, which I of course had to give a try! Sarah Russel from The Vintage Hair Salon was also there creating gorgeous vintage hair styles which I would have loved to have tried myself but unfortunately she was fully booked, maybe next time!

I made a couple of cheeky purchases a lovely burgundy ‘floppy’ hat and also an oversized checked shirt. I’ve been wanting a floppy hat for agggges but have never found the right one, I can’t wait until spring is here so I can start wearing mine. There was loads of lovely stuff for sale but as it was vintage clothing the majority of the stuff was just a tad too big for me.


Although it was pretty rammed at times and hard to get around (no fault to the organizers, just proof of how popular the event is), I had a great day out at Lou Lou’s vintage fair and would definitely recommend it if you are a vintage lover or even if you just fancy a browse. They do events all around the UK  and you can find your nearest one by clicking on this link:

Dedicated follower of fashion

Fifty years ago today an event occurred that shook not only America, but the world. I am of course talking about the assassination of President Kennedy. We’ve all seen the video footage of that tragic day in Dallas with Kennedy and his wife Jackie, who was wearing the now iconic pink Chanel suit.

At 43 JFK was the youngest President America had ever had in power and his wife Jackie was only 31 when she became First Lady. Together, the Kennedys represented a new era. The relatively new media form of television allowed the First Family to enter peoples homes and they soon became more than a politician than his wife to the American people. Over 80 million Americans watched the First Lady give a televised tour of the White House restoration project she was overseeing in 1961, which helped to cement her and her husband as cultural icons. For the first time the President and his wife were seen as young and  fashionable celebrity figures, often mixing with the stars of the times.

Jackie Kennedys outfits and style were admired by many over her three years as first lady and she is now considered a fashion icon. Many who weren’t interested in politics before were watching the First Ladies every move and wanting to emulate her style in any way they could. She appeared on countless magazine covers and was even named on the International Best Dressed List in December 1964.

Valerie Steele (Fashion historian and director and chief curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology), spoke to abc news ( and said this of Mrs Kennedy:

“She used the modernity of fashion to imply that her husband’s administration was young, modern and forward thinking”.

The typical ‘Jackie style’ often consisted of sleeveless A – line dress, clean cut suits with low heeled pumps and the now iconic pillbox hats. Even years after her husband’s assassination and after marrying Aristotle Onassis, Jackie was still highly influential in the fashion world. The large styles sunglasses she took to wearing are now known as ‘Jackie O’ glasses, with both Gucci and Rayban having their own Jackie inspired glasses on sale.  Decades on even those fashionistas with no knowledge of Jackies historical background use her name to refer to these glasses, a true testament to her iconic status.

jfk 2  jackie-onassis  Jackie-Kennedy_0 Jackie-Kennedy-Sunglasses

Please note I do not  own the copyright to any of these photographs.