5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week – 22nd May 2015 

1. I Have A New Job 

As of Tuesday I will be starting my new job as a Marketing Executive, although I’m sad to be leaving my old job as I got along so well with all of my colleagues but it’s onwards and upwards from here!

My new job gives me a lot more added responsibility which is obviously essential to progression in my career. And although it’s not all about money, I’ve also got a cheeky pay rise which is a nice added bonus. As a person I hate standing still both personally and professionally, so this opportunity is one I couldn’t turn down.

2. Paul McCartney

So tomorrow I’m going to London to see the musical legend that is Paul McCartney for the 7th (yes you read that right), time. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huuuuge Beatles fan and I’m beyond excited! The last time I saw Paul perform was at the Royal Albert Hall back in 2012, which was his last UK concert. Since his album NEW came out in 2013 Paul has left his UK fans waiting with baited breath as he went across the world with his ‘Out There’ tour and now it’s finally coming to the UK. With Paul now aged 72 I feel like this is probably the last time I’m going to get to see him live so I’m definitely going to make the most of it!

3. Friends 

Yesterday I got to see my friend Kari who I haven’t seen for nearly a month. I know its not that long especially since I haven’t seen three of my best friends since August last year due to them being on the other side of the world, (SIGH, why did I choose to stay here again?), but it was really nice to catch up over dinner and cocktails, it’s suprising how much can happen in 3 weeks. We couldn’t decide what to have for dessert so OBVIOUSLY we had to pick both and have half each because why the hell not ay, who needs a summer body anyway..

4. My Week Off 

So in the interim of leaving my old job and starting my new position I’ve been working from home this week and it’s been a welcome week of relaxation if I’m honest. This weeks given me the opportunity to actually tick off some of the things on my ever growing to do list. Most importantly its given me time to recharge the old batteries and have a bit of ‘me time’ which is always nice. Oh and I’ve maybe, just maybe developed a little addiction to Mad Men..

5. My Blog  

As you can probably tell I’ve majorly neglected my blog this past year, its always been at the back of mind and I knew I would get back on it at one point which is why I renewed my domain name back in December, but having so much spare time on my hands this week I decided enough was enough and that I need to get back out there. Not only that but I’ve started reading a lot more blogs recently and some of the content out there is fantastic and it sort of makes me want to up my writing game a bit yano? Obviously I’ve got a long way to go as this is only my second ‘new’ post but I’m looking forward to hopefully building my blog up and strengthening those writing skills of mine.

Hope you all had a great week, bye for now!

Topspin Media

What is Topspin Media?

Topspin media is a direct to fan marketing platform that can be used by musicians, artists, filmmakers, authors and other creative professionals. It was founded in 2007  by Shamal Ranasinghe and Peter Gotcher (the co- creator of Pro Tools) and currently has over 55,000 users world wide.  Topspin say that they allow artists to establish lasting and meaningful relationships with fans, communicate with them around the web, and sell far higher-value products in return. 

The platform enables its users to do a wide range of things such as;

  • sell their music, gig tickets, merchandise and other bundles worldwide
  • manage their music, images and videos
  • create exclusive offers for fans
  • look at detailed analytics and reports of fan usage and behaviours so that you can build a more personal relationship with your fans

A personal favourite feature of the Topspin Media platform is their ‘full service ticket solution’, which allows artists to sell gig tickets to fans without any extra fees (no one likes getting to the checkout and then having to pay the obligatory £2.50 booking fee per ticket), bundle the ticket with other products (see an example of how The 1975 did it), and scan tickets at the venue using their free iPhone app.

Who uses Topspin?

Their client list makes for a very impressive read. Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Eminem and Tyler The Creator are just a few of the vast amount of clients Topspin Media has.

I’m a musician/represent an artist, should I be using Topspin?

If you are just starting out or have a fairly small fan base then I don’t think Topspin is something you should necessarily rush out and purchase. However if you’ve developed quite a following and have tickets or merchandise to sell then I think its definitely something worth looking into and delving a little deeper. Topspin Media offers 3 different types of account, standard, plus and enterprise and as I’m sure you’ve already guessed the more you pay the more you get . All three accounts give you access to promotion tools, ticket solution service, analytics and reports and your own customizable stores allowing you to sell online.

I personally think Topspin is a great tool for creatives like myself and I’ll  definitely be looking a lot more into this platform in future posts. I could write a lot more on the subject but wanted to just do a simple intro post for those of you who may not have heard about Topspin and its features.

If you want to read more about Topspin Media from the guy themselves check out their website or follow them on twitter.

What you do you think about Topspin, do you think its a good idea, do you already use it yourself? Let me know, its always great to hear other peoples experiences!

Marketing Chap

Thursday morning was an eventful morning. Why, you ask? Well it was the morning of my radio debut speaking as an interviewee about the wonderful Marketing Chap site and my role as a Chap Associate.

Marketing Chap? Chap Associate? What is she blabbering on about? I suppose I’d better explain myself. 

Marketing Chap is a website which was created by the anonymous figure of Sir Mark Etingchap (get it?) in February 2012. The site was created as an experiment to see if it was possible to become influential merely through content such as social media and blogging. As I type the Marketing Chap twitter account ( @Marketing_Chap ) has over 32,000 followers, which is an awful big amount taking into account the fact the brand has only been around just over a year and that its creator is an anonymous figure.

Marketing Chap is  a minefield of  information, giving advice on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Klout and Twitter. As well as the blog Sir Mark also writes a monthly column for The Drum.

So where do I and the aforementioned radio interview come in you ask?

Well just over a month ago Sir Mark posted that he was looking for ten individuals to become Chap Associates (CA), who would help him undertake various tasks such as writing press releases, developing new ideas to promote the brand and representing Marketing Chap at various events. After thinking I had missed the deadline date and then realising the day before that I hadn’t, I hurriedly sent off my application and waited for an answer. Just over a week later I received an email telling me I had been chosen to be one of ten Chap Associates! The CA’s are based all over the world and each bring different experiences and backgrounds to the table.

The Chap Associate Scheme allows us to gain first hand Marketing experience for an established brand, as opposed to the old cliche of photocopying and making the tea. We will be in contact with journalists and people within the  industry which will be an invaluable experience. Being a CA will give me much more than something to pop on my CV, it will prepare for when I hopefully enter the big bad world of Music PR.  Only the other week some of my fellow CA’s attended the Like Minds conference and also the Social Buzz Awards, allowing them to network with other like minded Marketing enthusiasts and professionals.

And that brings me on to my radio debut!

On Thursday morning I was interviewed by the friendly Joy McCarthy and Ian Gentles of ‘Know Your Business’, who despite my initial nervousness put me at ease right away. During my twenty minute interview I was asked numerous questions about the Marketing Chap brand, what it is we do and my experience so far as a Chap Associate. I took great delight in speaking about the Chap Associate Scheme and the opportunities it affords ones such as myself. Joy and Ian were definitely intrigued about the mysteriousness surrounding Sir Mark himself and tried to probe me to try and find out a bit more ( I know nothing, believe me!). I really enjoyed my chat with them and was asked to return in a few months to discuss further my experiences as a Chap Associate!

Marketing Chap sitehttp://www.marketingchap.com

Listen to my interview here: http://knowingyourbusiness.co.uk/5th-december-2013-knowing-your-business-show/

Check out Know Your Business on twitter: @YourBizOnRadio