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Thursday morning was an eventful morning. Why, you ask? Well it was the morning of my radio debut speaking as an interviewee about the wonderful Marketing Chap site and my role as a Chap Associate.

Marketing Chap? Chap Associate? What is she blabbering on about? I suppose I’d better explain myself. 

Marketing Chap is a website which was created by the anonymous figure of Sir Mark Etingchap (get it?) in February 2012. The site was created as an experiment to see if it was possible to become influential merely through content such as social media and blogging. As I type the Marketing Chap twitter account ( @Marketing_Chap ) has over 32,000 followers, which is an awful big amount taking into account the fact the brand has only been around just over a year and that its creator is an anonymous figure.

Marketing Chap is  a minefield of  information, giving advice on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Klout and Twitter. As well as the blog Sir Mark also writes a monthly column for The Drum.

So where do I and the aforementioned radio interview come in you ask?

Well just over a month ago Sir Mark posted that he was looking for ten individuals to become Chap Associates (CA), who would help him undertake various tasks such as writing press releases, developing new ideas to promote the brand and representing Marketing Chap at various events. After thinking I had missed the deadline date and then realising the day before that I hadn’t, I hurriedly sent off my application and waited for an answer. Just over a week later I received an email telling me I had been chosen to be one of ten Chap Associates! The CA’s are based all over the world and each bring different experiences and backgrounds to the table.

The Chap Associate Scheme allows us to gain first hand Marketing experience for an established brand, as opposed to the old cliche of photocopying and making the tea. We will be in contact with journalists and people within the  industry which will be an invaluable experience. Being a CA will give me much more than something to pop on my CV, it will prepare for when I hopefully enter the big bad world of Music PR.  Only the other week some of my fellow CA’s attended the Like Minds conference and also the Social Buzz Awards, allowing them to network with other like minded Marketing enthusiasts and professionals.

And that brings me on to my radio debut!

On Thursday morning I was interviewed by the friendly Joy McCarthy and Ian Gentles of ‘Know Your Business’, who despite my initial nervousness put me at ease right away. During my twenty minute interview I was asked numerous questions about the Marketing Chap brand, what it is we do and my experience so far as a Chap Associate. I took great delight in speaking about the Chap Associate Scheme and the opportunities it affords ones such as myself. Joy and Ian were definitely intrigued about the mysteriousness surrounding Sir Mark himself and tried to probe me to try and find out a bit more ( I know nothing, believe me!). I really enjoyed my chat with them and was asked to return in a few months to discuss further my experiences as a Chap Associate!

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Listen to my interview here:

Check out Know Your Business on twitter: @YourBizOnRadio